An excellent performance by our entire class of 2021 Internal medicine residents on the certifying exam of the American Board of Internal Medicine(ABIM).

Congrats to all who matched today (12/2/20) in the Medical Specialties Matching Program - internal medicine fellowships for appointment year 2021! 


Makeeha Zahid

Maleeha Zahid


Houston Methodist

Tegveer Singh Sandhu.JPG

Tegveer Sandhu


Icahn School of Medicine

Mount Sinai

Susel Ortega.JPG

Susel Ortega


Mount Sinai Beth Israel

Rachel Gnanprakasam.JPG

Rachel Gnanaprakasam

Infectious Diseases

Westchester Medical Center

Angel De La Cruz.JPG

Angel DeLaCruz


Mount Sinai Morningside

Iqra Nawaz.JPG

Iqra Nawaz


Stony Brook University

Ishaq Oladipo Malik.JPG

Is-haq Malik


Barnes Jewish Hospital

Aneesh Kumar.JPG

Aneesh Kumar

Sleep Medicine

Boston Medical Center

Kamrun Naher.JPG

Kamrun Naher


SUNY Downstate

Barbara Bastien.JPG

Barbara Bastien

Infectious Diseases

Westchester Medical Center

Ayesha Siddiqa.JPG
Vijay Are.JPG

Ayesha Siddiqa

Infectious Diseases


Vijay Are


University of Minnesota

Salil Kulkarni.JPG

Salil Kulkarni

Pulmonary & Critical Care


Faustina Lozada.JPG

Faustina A. Lozada


University of Virginia

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  •     Hafsa Abbas, MBBS, MD, Harish Patel, MD, Ahmed Baiomi, MD, Nikhita Mantri, MD, Haozhe Sun, MD, Kishore Kumar, MD, Sridhar Chilimuri, MD The Risk of Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients. Poster accepted for presentation at American College of Gastroenterology 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting and awarded the Presidential Poster Award

Graduating (pandemic) class of 2020


Tuesday, April 23 2019

Culinary medicine is an emerging field that teaches doctors to cook while also imparting practical nutrition information, and is defined as “a new evidence-based field in medicine that blends the art of food and cooking with the science of medicine.”

~ The New York Times, May 22, 2018

As physicians themselves aren’t typically the best models for nutrition — long hours and on-the-run meals are common — bringing doctors into the kitchen may also be a way to encourage self-care as well, both through the mindfulness inherent in food preparation and the consumption of wholesome foods.

~ The New York Times, May 22, 2018

It's a cooking class, and the organizers hope that it helps teach young doctors how to plan ad cook nutritious meals so they can better advise patients on healthy eating.

"If doctors know how to eat, cook better and make healthier choices they will be ambassadors of healthy eating to their patients,"

"Primary-care doctors are at the front line of this battle against obesity,". "Unfortunately, we're never taught about nutrition. There's two hours of training in our medical schools and, on top of that, we're never taught how to counsel about nutrition." ~ The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 11, 2010

Friday, April 5 2019

Inaugural Medicine Bowl.

The Department of Medicine held the inaugural Medicine Bowl in the Cardiology Conference room on Thursday April 4, 2019. The Medicine Bowl is a jeopardy model quizzing game where teams come together to compete against one another for high scores. The teams are comprised of Medicine house-staff across all PGYs.

Dr. Suresh Nayudu (Associate Program Director - Medicine) acted as quiz master.

The winning team was “AMIGOS”.


Pre-game Tailgate
"Team Awesome"
final scoreboard
"Girls + 1"
Congratulations to the 
class of 2019 who are now board certified in Internal Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM).